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Defroidmont chocolates
Rooibos / Pu Erh
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This liqueur is a destillat of Grand Cru mixed with 18 different spices and aromas. A taste with orange notes while keeping the bitterness of the beer.

The artisan Philippe Defroidmont invites you to discover the chocolate flavors of the world.

The cocoa bean, depending on its origin releases subtle aromas that are sure to surprise your taste buds.

ArtisanArtisanal, a marvel not to be missed!al, une merveille à ne pas manquer !


A refreshing herbal tea with a mint taste.
It helps in case of anxiety and sleep disorder.

The meeting of the fishing and the vine.


The grenade is considered a symbol of immortality and sensitivity.

Combined with exotic dragon fruit and a hint of vanilla, it gives birth to a heavenly gustatory experience.

This exquisite blend of herbs and spices gives it an intense golden color, contained in a yellow Egg inspired by the Sahara desert.

its ingredients make something exotic when used in risottos, fish, tajines, couscous and meats.

The real and the only bacon with the old chocolate-coated crunchy creaminess to make vibrate your taste buds.


Sencha is the most common tea in Japan.

Little astringent, this tea has a very vegetal flavor.


It is a delicious speculoos tea that symbolizes Belgium.

A delicacy!


LièGin is an organic gin certified by Certisys and contains more than 95% of certified organic materials.