Sea Salt

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This exquisite blend of herbs and spices gives it an intense golden color, contained in a yellow Egg inspired by the Sahara desert.

its ingredients make something exotic when used in risottos, fish, tajines, couscous and meats.

The mixture of this Flower of Salt usually accompanies the white fish, pastas, meats, eggs and salads, being this the trigger of a delicious explosion of flavors. Saffron has a very striking color and flavor represented in the best way by the beautiful Egg that contains it and turns out to be the most sought-after spices.

This Flower of Salt with Celery can be a way to improve the nuance of your dishes, especially if they are stews, sauces, soups, drinks and marinades

This delicate Egg whose content is generally used to season cocktails with fruits and vegetables, can also be used if you want to slightly change the flavor and aroma of your meals.


Its aroma of truffles is simply delicious and intense, ideal to intensify the flavor of the meals, make this Truffle Salt a privileged condiment.

Suitable to add meats to fish, soups, stews and seafood.

Intense color, bright, slightly smoky and spicy aroma; For cocktails, meats, fish, salads, carpaccio, rice and pasta.

Essential to enhance the flavors of any food with its strong ingredients such as coriander, paprika, cardamom and other spices. This Flower of Sal is very versatile when added to different dishes, especially if it is meat, soups, stews, vegetables, fish and rice.

Reminiscent of the wonderful taste of the East, this salt has a slightly sour taste that hints of lemon without its unpleasant sourness.

It is ideal for vinaigrettes, fish, meat, salads and rice.

A powerful and aromatic flavor.

Feel an explosion of sensations in your mouth ??

This flavor will perfectly accompany your sauces, pasta, meats, rice, salads, soups.

Amazing with the fish.

Herbal blend of Mediterranean flavor.

For red or white meats, pasta, salads, cheeses.

The combination of the salt with the figs creates a salt-sweet contrast.

Extremely suitable for foie gras, game, cheese dishes, roasts, ...

Flavor very fragrant and tasty with this aroma and salt fall / winter. Cloves, cinnamon and mandarin mus- arade bring the essence of these resorts.